Even if the rabbit is a mammal, its meat is categorised as poultry. This white juicy meat is well known for its numerous nutritional benefits and for being a real protein source. The rabbit meat is low on calories and allows natural intake of omega 3.

Côté Food provides quality rabbit, whole or cut. Our rabbit meat entirely suits a balanced and varied diet.

Fresh :
Whole rabbit, leg, saddle, whole rabbit head off (available range : pack loose or in modified protective atmosphere).

Frozen :
Whole rabbit, leg, saddle, process meat.

Good quality product

  • 100 % vegetal, vitamins ans minerals feeding
  • Guaranteed GMO-free
  • Top food safety

Good for your health

  • Lean meat, low fat content
  • Rich in quality proteins
  • Less calories and sodium than the majority of other meat
  • source of vitamins, minerals ans trace minerals


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