Even if the rabbit is a mammal, its meat is categorised as poultry. This white juicy meat is well known for its numerous nutritional benefits and for being a real protein source. The rabbit meat is low on calories and allows natural intake of omega 3.
Côté Food provides quality rabbit, whole or cut. Our rabbit meat entirely suits a balanced and varied diet.

Fresh :
Whole rabbit, leg, saddle, whole rabbit head off (available range : pack loose or in modified protective atmosphere).

Frozen :
Whole rabbit, leg, saddle, process meat.






Good quality product

Good for your health

Whole or cut rabbit meat trader

Côté Food includes rabbit in its poultry range. We can supply various cuts: whole, whole without head, leg, saddle or PAI (intermediate food products) meat. You can choose between two storage methods: fresh or frozen.

We take great care in selecting our suppliers to ensure that our meat is of the highest quality. We check that the rabbits’ diet is 100% vegetable, with vitamins and minerals. We also guarantee them to be GMO-free.

Our IFS Broker certification testifies to our high standards of product safety, quality and monitoring.

How to order rabbit?

Côté Food works with French, European and international customers. With our international reach, we can meet all your needs, wherever you are.

Our team of logistics specialists enables us to react quickly to fresh and frozen orders. We are happy to place your order for rabbit meat.